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I have been lucky enough to be involved in several great audio projects of late. Here are a couple: Earlier this month I appeared on Tom Crowley’s Faces of Virtue series, as a nauseatingly pretentious theatre-maker called Honey Dexley Craven Smith. This is an improvised off-shoot of Tom’s excellent sketch show Crowley Time. I highly recommend checking both Crowley Time and Faces of Virtue, out, if you like sketch comedy and/or improvised character nonsense. And presumably if you’re reading my website then you like all or some of those things. If not you must be looking for the other Susan Harrison – the one who was born in 1938! (side-note: someone once sent me the other Susan Harrison’s headshot and asked me to sign it. Didn’t have the heart to say I was the wrong one, AKA the alive one)

I can also be heard in the shiny new podcast Ramon Fear’s Terror Tapes. This is a brilliantly scripted comedy-horror spoof, made by a team who really know (and love) their classic horror. It’s funny, silly and beautifully produced. A must-listen for comedy and horror aficionados. If you do listen to this and enjoy it please spread the word. It’s only just been born so needs a little nudge into the big wide podcasting world.

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