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Writer / Performer

Many full moons ago I took a show to Edinburgh called Creatures (featuring a highly strung fairy and an elderly mermaid, among other characters) so when I was asked to take part in How To Date A Magical Creature I knew it would be my cup of magical tea. As well as online sketches, How To Date A Magical Creature is a live show, coming to The Vaults Festival this February. We’ve previewed the show at Hoopla and The Nursery and it’s a lot of fun. Basically the audience get to choose which magical, fictional creatures they’d like to see interviewed and then we perform them. Like most chat shows, the creatures are usually there to plug something so don’t be surprised if an anxious centaur is encouraged to read an extract from his book of sonnets or if Medusa is asked to sing a song from her latest collection of R&B inspired album. Anything the audience wants to see is made possible by the power of magic/improv!

 “This could be car crash or brilliant. Either way, umissable.” – To Do List

If you’re coming to VAULT I’ll be in the Sunday show at 3:00pm. Here’s a discount code for you when you go to checkout: imsoexcited