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Writer / Performer

Learn to improvise with me

I teach improvisation to adults of all abilities, from absolute beginners to advanced players, and am passionate about creating a fun and supportive learning environment. 

I regularly teach at Hoopla & The Bridge and have taught at ALRA, GSA, Mountview, Laine Theatre Arts, and Bath Spa University, at the Edinburgh International Improv Festival, Improv Eutopia Ireland and Rome Welcome International Improv Festival, and have facilitated workshops for Showstopper! both in the UK and internationally.


I offer workshops focusing on the following:

– Character in Improv
– Getting rid of the rust
– Narrative
– Emotional connection & relationships
– Playfulness and Anarchy

Susan delivers world-class coaching. She brings out the best in people, and helps them realise their full potential.” (David Symington – Character in Improv Course student)

Susan Harrison has a very tactical approach and gives very specific constructive notes that help each individual to work on their weakest points and therefore improve more quickly. It was a pleasure to be taught by someone so talented and enthusiastic yet highly approachable”. (Lola Maxwell – Character in Improv Course student)

In January 2020 I designed and led a two day workshop in Birmingham for veterans of war, with Bravo 22. Bravo 22 Company is a recovery through the arts programme by The Royal British Legion and The Drive Project. 

One of the participants wrote that the improv workshops gave them – “the opportunity to cast off the chains that restrict our ability to just be silly and allow me to laugh in a way I’ve not laughed for a long time.” 

Anther participant wrote – “After just the first day of workshops, I realised that I felt excited about the future again – the workshops had given me a renewed sense of hope and a huge boost in my confidence 

Upcoming Workshops  – Please check back in the new year. 

Feel free to  contact me if you have any questions