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“Hayley and Ruth are actually characters improvised by Susan Harrison and Gemma Arrowsmith and they are terrific as a pair of, alternately know-it-alls and know-it-nothings set lose in a world they only dimly understand” (

Myself and comedy writer/actor Gemma Arrowsmith have been playing a pair of idiot reviewers for 4 years now. Gemma plays Ruth Goodchild, a broadsheet reviewer who ‘chose’ to leave the Financial Times and definitely wasn’t sacked. I play Hayley Danks, a nauseating online reviewer who doesn’t believe in the concept of numbers. Basically dumb and dumber, but for critics. Our podcast is hosted by The British Comedy Guide and you can find it there or in the usual places. Over the years our characters have reviewed Bonfire night, Valentines Day, Love Island and even The Little Chef Menu. Sometimes we have guests from the world of comedy/improv and sometimes it’s just the two reviewers shooting the inane, hypocritical breeze. During lockdown we recorded an episode remotely in which the pair, assuming that the Covid response is an international, ambitious piece of site specific theatre, review it accordingly. I love doing this stoopid podcast, Gemma is very quick & always makes me laugh (spot the stifled corpsing) and this is one of my favourite episodes I think. Have a listen if you enjoy nonsense and people gently taking the piss out of reviewers!