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Writer / Performer

I’m doing several of my own stand-alone improv workshops this spring, including two online workshops and one in-person workshop. The first online workshop (on March 3rd) is for complete beginner’s and/or for anyone who feel a bit rusty and wants to recap the basics. It’ll be a fun & supportive way to dip your toe into all things improv! There is still availability if you want to give it a whirl?

Then on March 10th I’m doing an online workshop just looking at improvising characters, which (as the name of this website suggests) is one of my favourite things to focus on!

And finally on March 26th I’ll be doing an in-person workshop for experienced improvisers who want to shake things up and experiment. This one is almost sold out – one ticket left at the time of typing this, so snap it up if you’re feeling curious!