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Writer / Performer

I’m very excited to be doing a work in progress of a new solo show at the Camden Fringe on Saturday 26th August (2pm at Bill Murray and 6:30pm at Aces and Eights) and Sunday 27th August (6:30pm at Aces and Eights) entitled Susan Harrison (Work in Progress). I know right, how did I come up with that ingenious title?!

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It’ll be full of new characters, some tasty interaction, a bit of improvising (probably) and lots of silly and absurd moments. I’ve been really enjoying trying out new characters on the circuit and am excited to see what happens when I get the whole thing in front of a crowd. Please come and do spread the word! Also if you want to support my mental health please book a ticket in advance, there’s nothing more stress inducing than seeing low ticket sales! Seeing double figure ticket sales would be soooo mindful.

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