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Writer / Performer

During lockdown my writing partner Lucy Trodd and I have been hard at work on our TV script One Size Fits All, as well as working on some other ideas for comedy dramas. One Size Fits All is (among other things) a height based comedy, as myself and Lucy are of vastly opposing heights, one of us being very tall and one of us being very small. But who is which? I shall leave you, dear reader, to uncover that mystery. 

Excitingly we made it to the top 13% of the BBC Comedy Writers Room Competition and were also shortlisted for the ERA50:50 TellHerVision writer’s room project. Now, if I had a pound for every time I’ve experienced a rejection I’d use that money to set up a production company and then I’d send myself an email accepting myself. But, joking aside, it was really encouraging to know that our script had made it that far and I feel very proud that we managed to meet those deadlines and to continue rewriting and refining, during this bleak and chaotic time.

In due course we will be filming some teasers (socially distanced of course) for One Size Fits All, and then, who knows? Little by little (little by tall?) we’ll get there, and I can’t wait to share it with you when we do.