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British Comedy Guide Spring Sitcom Winner 2022 for Jump In! (by Harrison & Trodd)
Funny Women Comedy Shorts Award Semi Finalist 2021 for One Size Fits All (by Harrison & Trodd) 
National Panto Awards Special Recognition for innovation in Content 2021 for Cinderella at the Corn Exchange (with Jordan Clarke, Ali James, Justin Brett & Alun McNeil Watson)
Olivier Award 2015 for Showstopper! The Improvised Musical
BAFTA 2017 for Class Dismissed
Three Weeks Editor’s Choice Award 2011 for Creatures

Praise for Yes Queens (2020)

“Harrison steals several of her scenes, nailing the blunt audience asides and northern bathos required to perform in the style of an Alan Bennett play. It’s an easy-to-enjoy hour, cheerfully proving that impro needn’t be cowed by Covid”. Brian Logan (The Guardian)

Praise for These Folk (2020)

These Folk is a hugely entertaining watch…and funny from start to end” (indiependent.co.uk)

“These Folk is really funny, right off the bat. Brett and Harrison work incredibly well together, of course musically, but most engagingly in their ability to bounce their quickly-manifested characters off each other without uncertainty…a perfect blend of self-awareness, with a commitment to the story and its characters- no matter how silly” (indiependent.co.uk)

Praise for Jennie Benton Wordsmith

“Her creation, Jennie Benton Smith, is a 15-year-old – and Harrison is able to inhabit the body and mind of an adolescent so convincingly that it’s almost uncanny. The gawky physicality, the peculiar obsessions, the flitting between precociousness and nervousness: this is first-class comic acting. And the amount of thought that’s gone into this is evident from Harrison’s ability to improvise in character.” (The Guardian)
“A genuinely delightful show” (One4Review)
“An excellent character construction… Her instant of seeing ourselves as others see us was a moment of heartbreak, but not milked… A charming, sweet piece” (Chortle)
“Superb timing and sharply intelligent social observation, this hour is a must view at this year’s festival… A delightful story of friendship and love” (EdfringeReview)

Praise for Folken Britain

“When Susan Harrison takes on a new persona she does so with her whole body – she seems to shrink and stretch before our eyes – transforming and transporting herself across social class, gender and species. It’s seamless and vaguely unnerving.” (The Skinny)
“Harrison invokes her whole body and mannerisms to suit each character, which pays dividends in her portrayal of Tony Blair and allows grade-A transitions between scenes… Harrison is a performer with depth and range; able to read the audience with the precision of an old hand… Harrison is a fantastic character comedian and at her best can deliver solid gold” (Chortle)

ThreeWeeks Three To See of Character Comedians
London is Funny Top 20 Free Things to See on the Fringe

Praise for Creatures

“One of the most entertaining hours of the festival. I was truly blown away by Susan Harrison’s acting ability, really, really impressive indeed” ****1/2 (British Comedy Guide)
“Her character sketch show is akin to being at a conference in The Office with the cast of Animaniacs… It’s better than most TV shows of a similar format, but it would be a crime to put a screen between the audience and her ferocious presence.” **** (The List)
“Susan Harrison is an excellent character actor and uses this skill to present ridiculous creatures with great timing and quirky humour.” (The Daily Telegraph)
“With its juxtaposition of the mundane and the fantastical, ‘Creatures’ is a bit like an episode of ‘The Office’ set in fairyland, with razor sharp wit and apt social observation brilliantly displaced onto a surreal setting. Smart and original absurdist comedy” **** (ThreeWeeks)
ThreeWeeks Editor’s Choice Award Winner

Praise For Five Characters in Search of Susan

“Susan Harrison’s character portrayals left the audience simultaneously repulsed and amused. This is dark comedy at its best” ***** (ThreeWeeks)
“Harrison introduces us to her alter egos with remarkable ease, brilliant comic timing and a sense of authenticity” (The Stage)
“Her name is one to look out for” *** (One4Review)

Praise For Soft

“Harrison’s writing poetically captures a feeling of sad nostalgia and tongue-in-cheek humour throughout the piece….Soft is a humorous reminder that our elderly were young once too, and had their own lives just as detailed and complicated as ours.” (Carly Halse for Female Arts)