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Writer / Performer

This Summer, in between researching musicals/Enid Blyton/James Bond, I made the first short film I’ve written, Seashore. The film is a *dramedy about a long distance relationship. There is a twist in the story but I’m afraid I can’t tell you what it is or I would have to kill you. Oops sorry, I was still in Bond mode…

It can be a little nerve wracking to make something you’ve written but I was lucky enough to work with a small but fantastic team (headed up by the brilliant Michael Beddoes) so I felt in very safe hands. We spent a lot of time in a bathroom full of haze. Performing in such an intimate way was a change from me but I really enjoyed it and loved the experience of zooming the focus in as opposed to sending the energy out to the upper circle, if you know what I mean. It was also great fun to be reunited with Sydney K Smith who Mischief fans will know played Dennis in both Peter Pan Goes Wrong and The Play That Goes Wrong. We met on the former so have spent many hours on a perilous revolve together. 

Seashore is currently being edited, after which time we’ll start entering it in to festivals. 

In the meantime Lucy Trodd and I are rewriting our comedy-drama/comedy/dramedy for screen entitled ‘One Size Fits All’. 


Splish splash. 

*terrible term but it does serve its purpose.