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I saw Timpson: The Musical in a sold out room at The Edinburgh Fringe last year and, along with the rest of the audience, I laughed my bum off. My bum has now been re-attached and I’m raring to go! Having improvised numerous musicals from scratch I can’t wait to actually have a script again. As soon as I get some ink in my printer I am going to print the heck out of that script and then highlight the bejesus out of my lines. Hooray! It’ll be interesting/hard/weird learning harmonies and choreography again after so much improvisation. When I did a Christmas show at The New Vic a few years ago (Robin and Marian) it seemed like attributing harmonies to different actors was counterintuitive. “Why don’t we just feel it?” I remember thinking, like an absolute pillock. 

Anyway, back to Timpson. I saw the show again recently at The King’s Head where they were doing their London run and it still made me laugh an awful lot. It kind of feels like if Mischief had a baby with Showstopper it would be Gigglemug. In short, this is a very endearing cast and a joyfully silly show with excellent music and I can’t wait to join them for their run in Birmingham.