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Actor, Comedian, Improviser

‘First class comic acting’ – The Guardian

Congratulations!  You have arrived at the website for Actor, Comedian and Improviser Susan Harrison!  Click through to win prizes* and have an unforgettable** time.

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This Summer, in between researching musicals/Enid Blyton/James Bond, I made the first short film I’ve written, Seashore. The film is a *dramedy about a long distance relationship. There is a twist in the story but I’m afraid I can’t tell you what it is or I would have...

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These Folk: Finding the Mythic in the Mundane.

Lately I've been developing a new show with my pal (and fellow Showstopper) Justin Brett, which is an improvised folk music show. We have performed it once so far in Rome at the wonderful Welcome Improvisation Festival and are excited to be trying it out again this...

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Timpson: The Musical at The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

I saw Timpson: The Musical in a sold out room at The Edinburgh Fringe last year and, along with the rest of the audience, I laughed my bum off. My bum has now been re-attached and I’m raring to go! Having improvised numerous musicals from scratch I can’t wait to...

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